Advances in Organization Theory

Monday, 11 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Seminar 31 (Juridicum)
RC17 Sociology of Organization (host committee)

Language: English

The history of organization theory is dotted with statements that bring the field together, or fracture it into many different parts. Think, for example, of Alvin Gouldner’s essay on rational and natural systems or DiMaggio and Powell’s edited volume on neo-institutional theory. That history is also marked by debates that entirely destabilise the status quo and demarcate new fields of thought.
For this session, we invite two kinds of papers: 

  • those that review a path through the history of organization theory and reconstruct it in a new way;
  • those that make a contribution to organization theory by, either, extending an existing theoretical trajectory, or, introducing an entirely novel theoretical project.
Session Organizers:
Dean PIERIDES, University of Manchester, United Kingdom and John HASSARD, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Social Organization, Classificatory Analogies and Logics: Institutional Theory Revisits Mary Douglas
Stewart CLEGG, University of Technology Sydney, Australia; Danielle LOGUE, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
What's the Problem with Complexity
Frank MEIER, University of Bremen, Germany; Uli MEYER, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
From Micro to Meso to Macro and Back: A Systems-Theoretical Framework for Understanding the Relation Between New Organizational Forms (NOFs) and Society
Cristina BESIO, Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Germany; Michael GROTHE-HAMMER, Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Germany