New Challenges of Science in Underdeveloped and Emerging Economies

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Hörsaal 6A P (Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG))
RC23 Sociology of Science and Technology (host committee)

Language: English

Developing and emerging countries have posed great challenges to combat poverty, social exclusion and inequality. One of the most important objectives within the states’ actions is the reform of scientific, technological and production policy.
However, as often happens, implementing oriented technology transfer policies through mass market, business and technological exchange with industrialized countries, particularly with Asia, in the absence of a comprehensive approach to determine the fundamental conditions required for these countries to take advantage of such cooperation, is very risky.
Precisely, one of the problems that have been observed in emerging countries is the absence of a strong and stable policy, in harmony with the international dynamics in the scientific field. Without a scientific production, it is impossible to achieve technological production and benefit from its impact on the economic development of these countries.
But it is also necessary to rethink the organizational forms of doing science. These forms, in the midst of a massive production of international knowledge, can not keep supporting themselves within the traditional organizational and cultural patterns.
In this session we will be trying to analyze this problem and intend to make some proposals under the new perspectives for the organization of scientific knowledge production for emerging countries.
Session Organizer:
Rafael Antonio PALACIOS BUSTAMANTE, Investigador y Consultor Internacional, Venezuela
Economic Complexity and Creation of Non-Tradable Technological Capabilities
Rafael Antonio PALACIOS BUSTAMANTE, Investigador y Consultor Internacional, Venezuela
The New Economy and the Challenges Facing Emerging Countries: The Case of Brazil
Sonia GUIMARAES, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Textile Capitalism in Africa: Competition, Innovation and the African Challenge
Esther DARKU, University of Fort Hare, South Africa; Wilson AKPAN, University of Fort Hare, South Africa
Rural India in the Digital Age
Ku MANUSHI, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, India