Leisure, Community and Identity

Monday, 11 July 2016: 16:00-17:30
Location: Dachgeschoss (Juridicum)
RC13 Sociology of Leisure (host committee)

Language: English

Leisure spaces and activities are central to counter-hegemonic resistance, sub-cultural identity and post-colonial encounters and subversions. They are also spaces and activities where people find belonging and community.
This presentation will focus on social cohesion, identity and a sense of belonging within communities in South Africa traced through the colonial era, followed by the apartheid regime, and the last twenty years of a new democratic political dispensation.
Where and how does leisure fit into the creation of communities and social identity? Sarason (Psychological Sense of Community: Prospects for a Community Psychology, 1974) suggested that people will experience a sense of belonging, enjoy good quality of life and wellbeing if they were integrated into networks, while oppression and other processes of cultural and community oppression can have the opposite effect. In today’s modern and technologically advanced society people are searching for innovative opportunities to construct strong communities and boost social cohesion. This session will attempt to address the extent to which recreation and leisure can be reorganised to develop a sense of community and boost social cohesion. 
Session Organizer:
Maliga NAIDOO, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Christianne GOMES, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, CNPq, FAPEMIG, Brazil, Brazil
Pirzada AMIN, Kashmir University, India
Organizational Cultural Competency and Leisure Delivery
Randy BURTZ, Western Washington University, USA
LGB Discrimination and Diminished Sense of Belonging: The Role of Community Leisure Facility Use As a Buffer
Lindsay KALBFLEISCH, University of Waterloo, Canada; Steven MOCK, University of Waterloo, Canada; Margo HILBRECHT, University of Waterloo, Canada
Leisure: Pathways to Sustainability
Monalisa ALVES, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Tania M.Freitas BARROS MACIEL, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Leisure for Pleasure- Women from Mumbai Suburbs Earning Pleasure out of Their Leisure Time Activities.
Kanak Lata SAMAL, Ket's V.G. Vaze College, India; Vatika SIBAL, St. Andrews College, Bandra, Mumbai, India; Geetha Mihir DUTTA, Groupon India Limited, India
Sport and Belonging in the Super-Diverse City
Ramon SPAAIJ, Victoria University, Australia
Traditional-Modern Continuum of Leisure in the RURAL India
Misri Lal VERMA, VSSD (PG) College, CSJM University, Kanpur, India