E-Health (Electronic Health) and Informaticization of Medicine

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Hörsaal 32 (Main Building)
RC15 Sociology of Health (host committee)

Language: English

The eHealth (Electronic Health) technologies have produced a revolutionary change in availability and amount of health and medical information accessible to patients. Sometimes referred to as the informaticization of medicine, a whole new field of knowledge around medical information and communication technologies has emerged.
There is an estimated over 1,500,000 smartphone applications, out of which nearly 14,000 are health applications available for user download in Apple’s application store. A search in 2012 for health and fitness yielded nearly 16,000 applications for Android consumers. The number of people who downloaded health-related smartphone applications reached 247 million in 2012 around the globe. Research studies indicate that eight in ten people browse the Internet for health information and/or support, which makes it one of the most common online activities.
This widespread use of the Internet and mobile health applications provides a new technology-based platform for interactive health service provision. The purpose of this session is to explore the synergy between information and communication technologies, health, and medicine. This proposed session aims to map out the current state of knowledge in this rapidly-growing body of research in the following areas: 

  • Online Patient Networks 
  • Healthcare 
  • Cyber seniors and Intergenerational Comparisons/Trends 
  • (Electronic) Health Information Literacy and Information Quality 
  • Medical Interactions and Communication between Doctor and Patient 
  • Self-Care 
  • Digital Health Divide

The proposed session will be in a roundtable session format.

Session Organizer:
Gul SECKIN, University of North Texas, USA
Cynthia CREADY, University of North Texas, USA
Personal Experiences of Health and Illness on the Internet: Dipex International Collaboration and Healthtalk Australia (healthtalkaustralia.org)
Renata KOKANOVIC, Monash University, Australia; Kate JOHNSTON ATA'ATA, Monash University, Australia; Nicholas HILL, Monash University, Australia; Caroline HART, Monash University, Australia
The Power of Information Technology: Governing Patients through Technology
Dimitra PETRAKAKI, University of Sussex, United Kingdom; Eva HILBERG, university of sussex, United Kingdom
Healthcare in the Society of the Internet: A Multi-Site Case Study of the Introduction of M-Health Technologies for HIV Care
Benjamin MARENT, University of Brighton, United Kingdom; Mary DARKING, University of Brighton, United Kingdom; Flis HENWOOD, University of Brighton, United Kingdom
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