Global Family Issues

Wednesday, 13 July 2016: 14:15-15:45
Location: Hörsaal 41 (Main Building)
RC06 Family Research (host committee)

Language: English

This session welcomes papers that examine the relationship of nannies who work in a host company taking care of elders or children while at the same time maintaining ties with their own families in their country of origin. Papers that examine the impact of family relationships as a result of transnational migration, including discussion and analyses of generational relationships, are encouraged. Papers that examine the economic impact of remissions are also encouraged. The relationships and support networks and the formation of communities by these nannies in the host country is also of particular interest.
Session Organizer:
Mark HUTTER, Rowan University, USA
Lats By Choice in Europe. Determinant Factors of Their Evolution
Luis AYUSO-SANCHEZ, University of Malaga, Spain; Ana GOLDANI, Princeton University, USA
The Influence of Husband Involvement on Women's Postpartum Recovery and Family Relationship: The Case of Beijing
Jie LI, China Women's University, China; Jing LIU, Clemson University, USA
Paternal Leave and Part-Time-Work. Challenges and Future Perspectives
Gerlinde MAUERER, University of Vienna, Institute of Sociology; University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Austria
Fathers on Leave Alone in Switzerland: Agents of Social Change?
Isabel VALARINO, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Paternity and Parental Leave for Fathers to Promote Greater Domestic Work and Care Equality: A Global View
Rudy SEWARD, University of North Texas, USA; Michael RUSH, University College Dublin, Ireland
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