Embodiment, and Technology – Contemporary Challenges

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 10:45-12:15
Location: Hörsaal 22 (Juridicum)
RC54 The Body in the Social Sciences (host committee)

Language: English

This theme encourages participants to explore how brain-bodily functions are being affected and interact with the current challenges brought constantly by technology innovations and change, in the diverse sets of action, ranging from ecology to work spheres, from health to pharmacology, from high-tech innovation and rebooting to the changes in social interaction and life, etc. By examining the multi-layered setting of space, time, technology and the body it aims to question the ways in which we create, experience, embody, and understand the world through an advanced empirical and theoretical research meeting the challenges crossing global present. 
Protests, austerity, economic crisis, war, inequality, oppression, and ecological catastrophes around the globe, have challenged social actors to aspire, desire, and envision, to imagine, plan, and project, to be resilient and to adapt. At the same time innovations in medicine, advances in technologies, health, food and communications are being constantly brought to light, intensifying the complexity of relations in daily life and open the possibility for different (probably better) futures. 
How are our brains adapting to these changes? Are they physically changing and adapting in the flesh as well? How are our body’s functions responding and metamorphosing in front of these shifting mechanisms? What sensations for mapping our brains and adapting technological struggles? Posters:
The Sleeping Body and the Concept of Agency
Eric HSU, University of South Australia, Australia
Sociology of Space and Urban Boundaries. Embodiment through Communitarian Education.
Monica MESQUITA, Institute of Education _ Lisbon Univesity, Portugal; Filipa RAMALHETE, Autonomous University of Lisbon / CEACT, Portugal; Ana Paula CAETANO, Institute of Education _ Lisbon University, Portugal; Karen FRANCOIS, Free University Brussels (VUB) / Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Belgium
Space, Time and Faces behind the Bars.
Alessio DI MARCO, Piccolo Opificio Sociologico, Italy; Mario VENTURELLA, Piccolo Opificio Sociologico, Italy