Open Session IV

Thursday, 14 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Hörsaal 11 (Juridicum)
RC19 Sociology of Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (host committee)

Language: English, French and Spanish

Session Organizer:
Joakim PALME, Uppsala University, Sweden
Precarious Work, the Middle Class and the Risk of Poverty in South Korea
Huck-Ju KWON, Graduate School of Public Administraton, Seoul National Univ, South Korea; Hyojin JANG, Graduate School of Public Administration, South Korea
Continuities and Changes in Family Policy and Familialism in Japan
Koichi HIRAOKA, Ochanomizu University, Japan
Why Do Seniors Often Chose Family Care? Elderly Care Recipients Between Care Policies and Culture.
Birgit PFAU-EFFINGER, University of Hamburg, Germany; Christopher GRAGES, University of Hamburg, Germany