Common Session 3B - The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World

Wednesday, 13 July 2016: 17:45-19:15
Location: Hörsaal 10 (Juridicum)

The Common Sessions present distinguished speakers from the ISA's Research Committees (RC), Working Groups (WG), and Thematic Groups (TG) who address from their perspective the common theme �The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World.� The purpose of these plenaries is to foster dialogue and exchange new insights and inspirations across research units by jointly focusing on the theme of the Forum, on forward-oriented modes of sociology, on the future visions of different social actors, their struggles for a better world, and global sociologies� contributions to these debates.
Alberto Leonard BIALAKOWSKY, UBA, Argentina, Alicia Itati PALERMO, UBA, Argentina and Guillermina JASSO, New York University, USA
Law in a Digital Society: Code, Norms and Conceptions
Mans SVENSSON, Lund University, Sweden; Stefan LARSSON, Lund University Internet Institute, Sweden
A Social Psychological Perspective on "The Futures We Want"
Jan STETS, University of California, Riverside, USA
Social Justice and Whistleblowing: Creating a Better World in the Workplace
Tina UYS, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
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