International Mobility of Scientists and the Structuration of a Semi-Peripheral Sociological Field

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 09:06
Oral Presentation
Edmar BRAGA FILHO, Federal University of Rio de janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This project is the result of two years of research on geopolitics of knowledge, academic dependency and internationalisation of sociology in Brazil, in particular the international mobility of scientists.

In this paper, my aim is to analyse the relation between the international mobility of sociologists and the structuring of the sociological field in Brazil. The research project is based on two premises: 1) structurally, there is an asymmetry in the production and international circulation of sociological knowledge; and 2) in relational terms, science should be understood within a broader framework of transnational dynamics and processes. Taking the latter into account, international mobility is a key element of analysis, as it enables scientists to have greater insertion in international networks and thematic agendas, giving prestige and better opportunities to agents in the national sociological field.

Theoretically, I consider the social fields theory, in the light of some insights come from social studies of science and technology. Secondly, in order to a better understanding of the dynamics of power that shape the mobilities and their consequences at the international level, the research is inspired by what has been consolidating as the new mobilities paradigm.

In the paper, I draw on quantitative analysis of the curricula of the professors of the postgraduate programs on sociology in Brazil, which are available on an online database, of public access.