Interrogating Leisure and Development from an African Perspective

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 11:20
Oral Presentation
Alex ASAKITIKPI, Monash University South Africa, South Africa
The interrogation of leisure and development from an African perspective is imperative within the context of globalization and the theoretical musings of the terms in Sociology of leisure. Modern discourses and usage of the terms, from an African perspective, raise important theoretical and practical issues, and not solely on the nuances that are associated with them. Implicit in the theorizing of the terms and in discussions surrounding them is the presumptions of their universal applicability. In this paper, we attempt to address the following questions: what is the nature and components of leisure? How do we conceptualize the relationship between leisure and development? And what implications does the knowledge so derived have on African nation-states? We propose that studies in this field will lead to the issue of contextualization and the particular situation of the intellectual production.