Teaching in Spoc in Post-Mooc Era

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 15:00
Oral Presentation
Jiangtao ZHAO, Zhengzhou University, China
Abstract: With development of innovative information technology, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have grown dramatically throughout the world and brought great impact on higher education. However, they also encounter some problems such as high incomplete rate and low efficiency, top universities,such as UC Berkeley and Tsinghua are trying out SPOC (Sma11 Private Online Course),a more refined course that mixes MOOCs with campus teaching. In this paper, the author introduced the concept and practices of SPOC. It concludes that SPOC has four advantages. Firstly,it promotes the university globally and improves the learning efficiency on campus. Secondly,it saves cost and can be a sustainable way to generate revenue for universities. Thirdly,it changes the role of teachers,which leads to more effective teaching outcomes. Finally,it enables learners to experience full and deeper learning and raises the completion rate.