Migration of Urban Middle Class to Rural Areas: The Era of New Mobility

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 16:15
Oral Presentation
Alyona MAKSHANCHIKOVA, National Research University "Higher School of Economics", Russian Federation
The paper is devoted to tendencies towards de-urbanization, migration of urban population outside the city and includes the consideration of a role of mobile technologies in development of process of a de-urbanization. The critical problem points of large cities, combined with technological progress, lead to the emergence of new formats of work, life, leisure. The communication and information exchange at great distances is simplified, and the spread of new forms of the life outside the city appear. The research attempt to reveal the phenomenon of migration of the urban middle class and shows the way to determine mobile technologes inside de-urbanisation trend. The theoretical framework of the research is based on the concepts of modern theorists: "mobility paradigm" by J. Urry, "hot and cold media" by Marshall McLuhan the concept of "cellular globalization" by N.E. Pokrovsky. The empirical basis of the work is the result of applied field research using qualitative interview methods and content analysis of materials from Internet sources and blogs, devoted to drawing the image of the phenomenon of "life at 2 houses" or "life out of the city" in Russian socio-political media. As a result, the typology of the attitude of settlers from the city to small settlements to the means of modern infocommunications is presented.