How to Compare Changes, Struggles and Experiences of Inequalities in the Argentinian and French Gender Regimes?

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 09:30
Oral Presentation
Julie JARTY, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University, France
In this communication, I would like to explore how to apprehend a cross-national comparison of gender inequalities in the Argentinian and French contexts. European comparative researches have developed a lot of theoretical and methodological tools, in a feminist perspective, such as the gender regimes or gender contracts approaches. How is it possible to extend and renew these approaches to compare gender inequalities in European and Latin American countries? How to capture de gendered impact of globalization, economical crisis and economic austerity policies? Thus, I will explore the evolution of gender inequalities in Argentina and France through the analysis of social, economical and political changes and struggles, focusing on women's access to intimate and economic citizenship. After a brief comparative historical record, I will first propose a state of the art of gender equality plans since the 2000s in both countries. I will then argue that social policies have had an impact on social behaviors, at the interface of different social markers such as gender, class or ethnicity. I will finally propose a reflection on the need to add meso-social and micro-social levels analysis to better apprehend dynamics of changes.