Vaccines: Hard or Soft Facts?

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 18:45
Oral Presentation
Paola BORGNA, University of Turin (Italy), Italy
  • Vaccines: hard or soft facts?

In the 2017 summer Italy approves the vaccination obligation for school enrollment. It mobilizes a wide no-vax net.

A vaccine is the product of the advanced scientific knowledge application. It incorporates scientific facts and represents a technological product. They both are constructed in the laboratories.

No-vax and vax-free action shows that the fate of vaccines depends also on all of us as consumers: do we accept those? Or not? What takes an always increasing number of people, today, to refuse the vaccines? Why a part of the population doesn’t recognize to vaccines the status of ‘hard’ scientific facts? Which social logiques explain that? Is it possible to distinguish and separate facts from scientific evidences?

We try to respond to this kind of questions, analyzing recent italian events about vaccines.