The Challenges of Suicide and the Problems of Intra-Family Communication : A Study from Rewa Division,Madhya Pradesh, India

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 11:40
Oral Presentation
Mahesh SHUKLA, Govt. TRS College For Excellence, Rewa (M.P.) India 486001, India
The sociological studies and its formulations on suicide have attracted the attention of scholars since Durkheim wrote about it. His study has opened the ways not only new sociological formulations, but also suggested a new methodology to approach this problem. The present paper is based upon an empirical study conducted in the Rewa division of Madhya Pradesh,India.the data were collected through an interview- schedule (n=600) administered on the respondents-mainly the family-members. These families were identified with the assistance of police department and hospitals. The main findings of the paper like:(i) the cases of suicides were found to be more in the non- tribal areas than in the tribal areas;(ii) women (aged 20-40 years) committed more suicides than men;(iii) adolescents have also became the victims of suicide;(iv) several cases of suicide could have been prevented (v) ways and means are suggested to prevent the cases of suicide attempts in future.