The Effects of Underhanded Economics on Education. Life Long Education Undermines One's Right to One's Leisure Time Disposal

Monday, 16 July 2018: 10:50
Oral Presentation
Evaggelia KALERANTE, University of W. Macedonia, Greece
Simeon NIKOLIDAKIS, Enosi Educational Institute, Greece
Initially, we analyse the inderdepended trends between economic imperatives and intentives in a capitalist system and educational approaches.

We concentrate or indirectly controlled education within a routinized daily existence via the constant quest for "educational packages" necessary for job placement.

A worker's life is dominated by work insecurity imposed educational choices. Focus is shifted from following one's interests to facing practical demands. Leisure time shrinks in favor of utility time.

Gradually, unequal wealth distribution brings on unequal leisure time availability co-relating free time activities with profit making pursuits.

Also, we look into formal and informal educational methods within an evolving life-long education environment. Mechanics and strategies of entrapment of individuals by an economically motivated system of measuring success and progress at the expense of individually determined terms of happiness, self-satisfaction, and cultural exchange enjoyment.

Aspects of individual humanistic value deprivation leading into society's humanistic denudement are exposed.

The individuals interconnection with society is emphasized, so as to reveal that a loss of free time constructively used to an individual's pursuit, progressively leads to the degradation of the social and political experience. That is to say that beyond the surrender of the humanistic educational capital lies the enfeeblement of the political determinants of democracy.

As ideas and problematics partaking declines along with the social co-existence and acceptance of others, through solitary trails in theoretic convictions in long life education as an investment in oneself, each one becomes an economic operative toward a rising social inequality destination.