Speed and Intergenerational Dialogue on Internet ó Velocidad y Diálogo Intergeneracional En La Red

Monday, 16 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Eurídice SOSA PEINADO, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Mexico
The speed of interrations in this twenty-first century has made evident that there is a deep rethinking of social institutions producing culture such as: family, school, work, state agencies. Especially the presence of the Internet Network, seems to have included more speed to the possibilities of intergenerational dialogue, to think the cultures of aging, the present paper is an exploration of the possible scenarios to rethink old age in the digital age.

The analysis of how a public space such as the School is a scenario of multiple interactions, to confirm, propose or question, our notions of aging and old age, which is intentional or not permanently attending a negotiation of meanings.

Therefore, the speed proposed by the Internet for our communications, multiplicity in message synchronicity, asynchronous communication capacities, content authority, and multiplicity of interactions, reveals new contents and forms of integrated dialogue to rethink the cultures of old age from the perspective of developing a generative, coexisting and intergenerational culture.