Coping Strategies of Croatian Researchers in the New Development Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Economy. The Shift of Power?

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 09:30
Oral Presentation
Jasminka LAZNJAK, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Jadranka ŠVARC, Institute of Social Sciences ‘Ivo Pilar’, Zagreb
The paper reflects on the changes in the role and position of the scientific -research caused by the shift in development paradigm and related public policies. The shift from industrial society and managed economy towards postindustrial entreprenuerial economy moved the public policies' focus from national innovation system to the “national entrepreneurial system” focused on business innovation, small companies and regional development. The changes in paradigms and pubic polices has weakned the role of scientific research especially in economically less developed countries where research systems are weak and vulnerable like Croatia.

Drawing on the concept of coping strategy we use this concept to explore the strategies that researchers use for the sustainability of research system in the situation of significantly weakened public founding of science. The analysis is based on data from on-line survey and focus groups dealing with the impact of the reform of scientific sector in funding and organization of scientific work in order to foster scientific excellence.