Great Environmental Projects in the State of Rio De Janeiro and the Licensing Process in Inea / RJ: Appraisal Agency and Inspector or Partner?

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 11:00
Oral Presentation
Maria de Lourdes Cutalo de Leira BASQUES, Universidade Federal Fluminense UFF, Brazil
This research focuses on the licensing processes granted by INEA / RJ for large enterprises in areas of socio-environmental interest, which are analyzed by the Public Prosecutor's Office through the Specialized Environment Group / GEAMA, a sector of the MP that acts in the conflicts and divergences detected in the granting of prior license from the technical opinions that challenge significant aspects of the EIA / RIMA studies and respective environmental impact reports presented by the entrepreneur in the initial stage of the licensing. Thus we highlight some examples such as the licensing process of the Port of Jaconé in Maricá / RJ, which had the previous license granted by the INEA in 2015 and the GEAMA / MPRJ was activated through a Public Civil Action contesting the locational consent accepted by the organ evaluator INEA, listing technical factors such as lack of infrastructure, adequate roads, water resources for the city and for the enterprise, among other factors contrary to the initial license (LP). In other cases, such as the Resort in São Bento da Lagoa at the APA of Maricá / RJ, similar situations occur demonstrating a possible "fragility" of the environmental issue in the licensing process to the detriment of the economic aspect, establishing a relationship between the public and the private hour investigated. It is necessary to understand the "political game" and the present judicial struggles. The methodology of exploratory research, based on documentary research and process monitoring, public hearings, institution visits and semi structured interviews. The theoretical approach in line with environmental sociology theorists emphasizing the ensure of popular participation in decision making, exercising the right to the city and building sustainable development paths.