The Marginalization of Local Communities in Oil Projects in Chad

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 11:50
Oral Presentation
Yorbana SEIGN-GOURA, University of Neuchatel, Institute of Sociology., Switzerland
Oil extraction requires the participation of many stakeholders with divergent interests sometimes. It’s the case of oil extraction project in Chad for over a decade for which the common aim for the parties was the use of oil rents to end poverty. This study intend to seize the different stakes facing the stakeholders involving in those extractive projects , namely the state, the corporations and local communities and others stakeholders through the stakeholder theory. This last theory refers to any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the corporation’s objectives .

We use the content analysis methodology to review the data collected via the interviews of the main oil projects actors views, the reports related to the projects, and some field observations in Chad tree oil corporations namely ExxonMobil, China National Petroleum Corporation and Glencore in Chad

We find that the strategic approach of the corporations toward others actors has resulted into unequal treatment of stakeholders and the marginalization of the resourced-based communities in the project participation and sharing of oil benefits. Those findings question the effectiveness of the growing role of the private sector participating into the energy nexus sustainable development in the oil producing area.