Performance, Poetry and Installation like a Methodological Tools to the Sociological Research

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 16:10
Oral Presentation
Syd KROCHMALNY, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
My proposal is present the art project ‘Journals of Hate’ (‘Diarios del Odio', Buenos Aires, 2014-2017) like a complex research in wich I used differents art medias like a methodological tools.

‘Journals of Hate’ is based on the reader’s comments in electronic versions of major newspapers in Argentina where they are enabled to express their views without boundaries. Some of these phrases were written on the walls of the different exhibition spaces in Argentina.

For the poems that form Journals of Hate I didn't want to just the document of a transtextual procedure with political and documentary value but also pretends to be read as "poems", putting the ear in the zone of ambiguity that the statements have, and facing us to chance more horrifying realization that pushes us to constantly question the categories and parameters with which we value art.

Finally, the performance Journal of Hate, it is a prayer, it is an old choir but it is completely modernized and has internal sarcasm, the bodies have all the plasticity of the history of the theater, the choreography, therefore we attend an argument, a great juxtaposition of the theatrical text, of the theatrical game.

The chosen fragments used in the installation, in the poems and in the performance specifically track those discursive cores where the dehumanization of whole sectors of society occurs. The construction of the other as an object of extreme hatred seeks to define certain people as a social surplus. ‘Shit’, ‘trash’ and ‘waste’ are some of the metaphors that make the other as excrement that social body must expel. This embodied view of society also appears when medical terms such as ‘cancer’, ‘infection’ or ‘gangrene’ that must be removed are used.