What's It Like After Fifty Years: Multiculturalism in Canada at the Crossroads

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 14:45
Location: Constitution Hall (MTCC NORTH BUILDING)
Oral Presentation
Frances HENRY, University of Toronto, Canada
This keynote presentation will address issues of race and racism, xenophobia and 'diversity' after nearly 50 years of official multiculturalism in Canada. I will review some of the positive changes that have taken place but will indicate that racism in several major institutions such as policing (carding), education (Black students experience) lack of representation at higher decision making levels in corporate structures (including University administrations) and other arenas of society are still taking place. Xenophobia against Syrian newcomers and the rise of anti-Muslim sentiments are noticeable as are strained relations with Indigenous communities. I will conclude that Canadian society today requires new societal models as 'multiculturalism' and 'diversity management' are outdated and cannot explain contemporary socio-political realities.