Socio-ecological Violences, Resistances, and Orders

Monday, 16 July 2018: 14:30
Location: John Bassett Theatre (102) (MTCC NORTH BUILDING)
Oral Presentation
Jose Esteban CASTRO, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina
Social struggles against different forms of socio-ecological violence have a long history. These range from struggles against the impacts of soil, air or water pollution on human well-being, against the mass displacements of entire populations to build infrastructure works or against the appropriation of land, water and other natural goods including life itself (e.g. through biopiracy or similar tactics) by powerful private and corporate actors, among many other forms of violence. However, in recent decades these forms of violence have been exacerbated, among other issues because of the unrelenting global expansion of capitalist commodification and related processes and mechanisms, which continue to prompt widespread and multiple forms of social resistance. The aim is to discuss, from a sociology-grounded political ecological approach, the interplay between socio-ecological violences and resistances as structuring forces, driving the destruction, the transformation or even the emergence of new socio-ecological orders.