The Incorporation of South Asian Minorities in Canada and the United States

Friday, 20 July 2018: 09:00
Oral Presentation
Prema KURIEN, Syracuse University, USA
My presentation will draw on ongoing research to examine two minority religious groups of South Asian origin (Hindus and Sikhs) that have broadly similar patterns of migration to Canada and the United States and have close ties with their compatriots across the border, but yet manifest divergent activism profiles around North American as well as homeland issues. My presentation will examine how different opportunity structures (both national and local), and differences in the characteristics of the groups, shape how they frame their grievances and mobilize. It also aims to uncover the factors that influence the form that their mobilization takes, specifically, whether it is "ethnic," "racial," or "religious." Focusing on Hindu and Sikh communities and advocacy organizations serving these groups in Toronto, Vancouver, New York/New Jersey, and northern California, this project is being conducted both through interviews and analysis of available information about the organizations.