Educational Inequalities in Iran Based on the View Points of Some of the Educational Experts and Qualified Teachers

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Mohammad MAZIDI, Shiraz University, Iran
Fatemeh NAZARI, Shiraz university graduate student, Iran

Inequality is an important issue in this modern world that cannot be easily passed along. In fact inequality across all its meanings is the humanity's ignorance of human beings. The human that has been emphasized on their equality and equity since the beginning of human creation. If we have a detailed analysis of inequality, we will see the power on the one hand and the lack of awareness on the other hand. The power of the oppressors and the lack of awareness of the oppressed. So inequality has appeared not only in one dimension, but also in all aspects of human life. One of the important dimensions of inequality in the world is educational inequality. Study of roots and core components of inequalities in each educational system can be very important step towards reducing it. In this study, the researchers intend to examine the components of educational inequalities in Iran's educational system. Therefore, the present study is conducted within the qualitative paradigm using Grounded Theory (GT) method. Data were collected through an in-depth interview in which the participants of the study (the educational experts and qualified teachers) were selected in a purposeful manner considering the maximum variation sampling and saturation point regulations. Results of the study reviled that different aspects of educational inequality were realized in Iranian educational system.