A New World – New Working Practices - New Actors in the Labour Market - Labour and De-Urbanization

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 15:45
Oral Presentation
Tatiana SIDORINA, Higher School of Economics National Research University (Russia, Moscow), Russian Federation
Industrial civilization as a civilization of labour is a thing of the past, the question is, which society is replacing the labour society. The attitude towards labour, the sphere of labour and its professional structure are changing. Polarization in the sphere of labour demonstrates the emergence of new social groups that implement labour practices that are in demand by post-industrial civilization. The alignment of forces in the labour market, habitual life stereotypes that have evolved over the centuries are changing, new life styles are formed in conditions when life loses the character of labour-centeredness. The focus of the article is the trajectory of changes in the nature of the labour of modern man.