Environmental Justice: Threats, Policy Approach and Commitments

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 17:30
Oral Presentation
Suresh RAJORA, university of kota, kota Rajasthan, India, India

There have been non-judicious use and over use of natural resources on one hand while on the other the sustainability and environment policies have been ignored. Consequently the situation became alarming in the form of acute pollution, depletion of the Ozone layer; flood and drought, and many more threats to life are having a noticeable impact on the earth’s climate. Annual storm damage has increased by 40 times since the 1980s, strikingly close to what climate models had predicted. With this backdrop the paper deals with environmental issues, policies and global level commitments.

Main objective of the paper is to understand and analyse the environmental issues related with threats to all livings. Further the paper is aimed to discuss the policies resolved and commitments made during UN conferences (Paris Climate Accord) and to examine the ground reality in context to developed nations verses developing and undeveloped nations.

The paper is based on secondary sources, analytical approach, critical examination and interpretations of the published reports, policies and the points focussing at the mutual agreements/ commitments made by most of the nations as well as certain projects like clean Ganga and installation of ETPs in India.

In view of the seriousness towards the hazardous caused by pollution and ecological imbalance we have been witnessing the growth of environmental awareness movements, environmental politics, which have been playing significant role in time to time amendments in national and international policies and planning to check the pollution and deterioration of environment at the local as well as global level. In India about 4500/- rupees have been spent for cleaning Ganga with re-naming the project during last decades but the goal seems far away. Similarly the results of world summits, policies and commitments are also very gloomy.