Child Labor in the Triple Frontier between Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay.

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 08:30
Oral Presentation
Cecilia ZSOGON, Universidad de Buenos Aires - Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina
The practices included under the category of child labor, including their "worst forms", acquire a distinctive character in a transboundary peripheral region and diverse socio-territorial dynamics enable their reproduction. This work analyzes the processes that permeate these practices in the Triple Border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The imbrication between global and local dimensions configures an interconnected and diverse space marked by inequality and asymmetries in the opportunities it offers to tourists-consumers and to the inhabitants of the periphery. Child exploitation associated with tourism and trade activities is present in the region, although there are no updated figures in this regard due to the diversity of causes that make it difficult to measure them. Thousands of children are forced to work from an early age, in activities ranging from household chores at home, to sexual exploitation in conditions of slavery. Based on the above, we propose that delimiting the specificity of child labor in the region is a necessary preliminary step for the development of strategies aimed at its prevention and eventual eradication.