Violence Performance on the Mexican Global South

Monday, 16 July 2018: 10:30
Oral Presentation
Miguel Angel VITE PEREZ, Universidad de Alicante Spain, Mexico
The objective of this lecture is to interpret violence as a social performance that has shaped a civil sphere in which a binary speech shows the existence of a conflict linked to the following assumption: violence in Mexico is the result of a weakened State or it is derived from its collaboration with criminal violence originators. This assumption has legitimized armed social activities from groups that have emerged as vigilants of public safety at both local and regional levels. The latter has justified armed government actions in order to address illegality within a country in which this same illegality has been a mechanism used by the poor in order to attain social well-being objectives. Thus, illegality in Mexico cannot only be studied as a regulatory issue derived from a weakened lawful order but also as a constituent part of social interactions within a neoliberal capitalism context at the Global South that, in some instances, it may produce violence.