Street Children´s Narrative Accounts: Availability, Access and Transposing across Semiotic Systems.

Friday, 20 July 2018: 08:30
Oral Presentation
Ana Inés HERAS, CEDESI-UNSAM- CONICET and INCLUIR- Instituto para la Inclusión Social, Argentina
María Amalia MIANO, UNSAM CEDESI and INCLUIR Instituto para la Incl. Soc. y el Desarrollo Humano, Argentina
In this paper we analyze pedagogical experiences carried out between 2013-2015 in Buenos Aires City by our team, a group of volunteers and other teachers that support street children. Our goal was to identify what kind of learning opportunities for narrative accounts, and what kinds of narratives, become visible when analyzing multi-mediated interactions (i.e., mediated through oral exchange, visual arts, photography, video and written text). Methodologically, we looked into the availability, access and transposition of different semiotic systems. Our outcomes show that facilitating access to a variety of resources, in different interactional configurations and with diverse media, enables participants to find a voice of their own and express themselves as individuals, and, simultaneously, enable children as a group to express as a collective. We conclude that these kinds of pedagogical experiences set out an educational potential for narration and self-expression while supporting a way by which children may be able to state their position vis a vis devastating living conditions that affect them.