Crimes Against Elderly and Social Justice Implication: A Study

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 10:30
Oral Presentation
Gurusamy SELLAMUTHU, Sociology, Gandhigram University, Dindigul, India
Prelude: Crimes and Violence against elderly are increasing in contemporary Indian Society due to dis integration of joint family structure and negligence of children in family. They are faced with alienation, marginalization, deprivation, discrimination, exclusion and atrocities in the form of torture both physical and mental. A recent survey conducted in metropolitan cities revels that only 23% crime gets reported and out of which 72% gets registered. Objectives:1.To study the circumstance led to the crimes against elderly 2. To expose the nature of crimes committed against elderly 3.To highlight the role of GOs and NGOs in prevention and control crime against elderly.4.To suggest programmes of justice to the elderly with appropriate care and support.Methodology: Qualitative Research methodology is adopted and focus to group discussion and case study were conducted to collect primary data. Area of study:Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu and certain cluster of panchayats in Pollachi Block. Research Design:Descriptive Design.Findings: Elderly persons lived in nuclear families which is vulnerable to crime and violence against them. Intolerance of young towards old sparked violence. Generation gap further intensified the intolerance that led to atrocities against elderly. The elders were subject to ill-treatment in the form of wounding feelings through usage of rubbish and filthy words. The senior citizens had been put to mental agony due to disrespect by young in families. Government welfare schemes are not reaching the elderly people. NGOs are providing care and support to the senior citizens through hospice. Justice: Conclusion: The elderly people are needed a dignified life with justice. Obviously this necessitates a collective action by GOs, NGOs to provide care and support so as to protect social justice in contemporary Indian Society.