A Study on Ngos, Groups and Government Organizations Participation in Environment Protection

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 11:00
Oral Presentation
Bahubali PATIL, C.S.I.B.E.R, University Road, Kolhapur, India, India, C.S.I.B.E.R., University Road Kolhapur (Maharashtra), India, India
T V G SARMA, C S I B E R, University Road, Kolhapur, India
Usha PATIL, Mahvir Mahavidyalaya, India
India is the largest democracy in the world. But without its lively Individual, Groups and NGOs on the scene, many ills in the society would continue unchallenged. Civil society drives its strength from the Gandhian tradition of volunteerism, but today it expresses itself in many different forms of activism.

Due to the development activities, one can see that there is disjuncture in the relationship between human beings and nature. The disjuncture is manifested through various forms of environmental degradation. The quality of natural resources like land, air, water and other supportive life system, like forests, is being downgraded. This is happening all over world. In response to the worsening environmental conditions at various places, the local people have organized themselves in groups and they are registering their protest against environmental degradation. Here individuals, groups, NGOs and Government organizations are playing a significant role in creating environmental awareness among the masses. The role of the organizations working in the field of environment protection is of crucial importance.

Great heritage of art and culture is associated with Kolhapur. It is also a prosperous industrial town. Being a prosperous upcoming urban center, Kolhapur is also experiencing environmental imbalance due to air, soil, water and sound pollution. As a result a number of groups, Government organization, NGOs and institutions have emerged to control the pollution. In order to know their main activities and efforts the research study covered all organizations working for environmental awareness and protections in and around the Kolhapur city. The study throws up new dimensions relating to causes of pollution and efforts of the mentioned organizations in this direction.