Knowledge and Attitudes about Breast Cancer Among Women: A Wake-up Call in Nigeria

Monday, 16 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Tayo GEORGE, Covenant University, Department of Sociology, Nigeria, Nigeria
Tolulope ALLO, Covenant University, Nigeria
Tomike OLAWANDE, Covenant University, Nigeria
Preventable deaths resulting from the scourge of breast cancer has become alarming and worrisome in many societies in developing countries including Nigeria. Of much concern is the fact that breast cancer has continued to claim the precious lives of young, middle aged, old, educated and non-educated women irrespective of their religion, socio-economic background and socio-demographic characteristics. This study attempts to ascertain the knowledge and attitudes of women to breast cancer in South-western Nigeria. The study adopts both primary and secondary data and relevant sociological theories to examine the level of knowledge and attitudes of women towards breast cancer with the view of suggesting probable solutions and recommendations for policy.