Demobilizing the 30,000 Amnesty Beneficiaries – Entrepreneurship the New Gateway for Its Sustainability in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 18:18
Oral Presentation
Margaret ABAZIE-HUMPHREY, Office of the Special Adviser to Nigeria President on Niger Delta / Presdiential Amnesty Programme, Nigeria
The article focuses on the oil-rich Niger Delta and analyzes how the 30,000 beneficiaries of the Presidential Amnesty Programme are both demobilized from the post-amnesty conflict re-mobilization and the role of entrepreneurial reintegration packages in sustaining the security stability. In the post demobilization era, sustainable reintegration programme of the Niger Delta Amnesty DDR programme focus more on the engagement/empowerment of these beneficiaries as entrepreneurs. There is an increasing body of evidence which indicates that entrepreneurship can halt conflict process and mobilization, and this article explores the implications. These novel explanations are useful to understand empirical literature in the emerging economies of entrepreneurs and a benchmark for future studies on post conflict demobilization and re-mobilization.

KEY WORDS: Demobilization, Entrepreneurship, Niger Delta, Amnesty-beneficiaries