Transnational Families across Africa Constructions of Family Networks between Morocco and the Other African Countries

Friday, 20 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Abderrahim ANBI, University Ibnou Zohr Agadir, Morocco, Unversity Ibno Zohr- Agadir, Morocco
Transnational Families across Africa

Constructions of Family Networks

Between Morocco and The other African countries

The notion of family is never regarded as homogeneous. The cross-cultural mobilities among south-north syndrome threaten the predominant configuration of home and family in its traditional ways.

Globalization has forced the new diasporic to belong elsewhere: a place where stability is motivated. Taken these new contemporanieties, it is demanded that new approaches must be reconfigured so as to measure how new familial alterities affect to a certain degree the homogeneity of traditional definition of family.

To this end, the aim of this paper is to delve into questions of home and family in their transnational context. In so doing, I would like to shed light on the new transnational families and how these new modes of belonging help in deconstructing the segments of social relations in one’s constructed home. It will also help in enforcing the aspect of Benedict Anderson’s view of the communities as imagined.