’Quality of Life’ As a Virtual Network - Humans’ Work-Family (dis)Balance

Thursday, 19 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Nicolae BULZ, Interdisciplinary Entities Laboratory, 2000 - National Defence College - IEM/INCE/RoAcademy - NY Academy of Sciences, Romania
The study proposes an inter/trans-disciplinary construct: “’Quality of Life’ as a virtual network”. This assessed virtual reality of the ‘Quality of Life’ refers the human deep-subtle traces of the continuity of the humans’ lives beyond the physical time-space continuum. This construct implies any probabilistic-fuzzy-subtle appearance of the work-education double-helix (time-space spirals), of the action-research double-helix (human locus for ‘daily activated’ discoveries and inventions within the surrounding nature, our Cosmos/Universe), of the societal efforts and leisure quasi-double-helix, and of the biodiversity-spirituality mosaics of direct items, avatars, or sociological else.

This construct does not imply a keen and crisp historian archivist basement more than the obvious existing one, but virtually tends to acquired the set of the step over step subtle traces of our humans’ lives continuity. Out of the cognitive processes related to the ‘magic and mythic thinking’ [but not at all denying the typological importance of these two existing cognitive patterns and their societal relevance], the study addresses the society-economy-industry-technique larger and larger embedded nuclei as more and more step by step dynamical constructions (re)made by the humans-technique aggregates BUT conditioned by the human dynamics of our communities as well – i.e. individuals (males, females – matures, elders and children), (‘longer term’) families, (‘incidental’) societal group-entities (related to peace/war, material and spiritual constrains and/or extensions, predominant ideals within and/or beneath the hypothetical-reality and universal real, last but not least: probabilistic and subtle occurrence of humans’ consonance.

The study tries to elicit the limits, paradoxes, paradigms, heritage and perspectives of the construct: “’Quality of Life’ a virtual network” – underlying on the systemic and sociological challenge – within the contemporary global (post-)crisis.

It is taken up the humans’ work-family (dis)balance inquiring on historical known conflict-consensus cases from Socrates to General Omar Bradley, and trying to focus on non-European cases as well.