We Are Here to Say NO! Emotional Dynamics in the Legal Strategies of Social Movements Against the Mining in Latin America

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 17:45
Oral Presentation
Cristiana LOSEKANN, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Brazil
It is our objective to investigate cultural aspects and emotional dynamics involved in the interactions between the social movements and the judicial institutions in mobilization lawsuits against vast resource-extractive ventures in Brazil. Deny the mining is the first step for a new world in the perspective of social movement and they are doing this across the law.
Judicial strategies are constituted by the interactions between activists and legal practitioners in judicial arenas, involving dynamics which embrace not only an expectation of concrete gains, but also, overall, mobilize a series of symbolic elements that constitute the experiences of the actors over the juridical dimension (the law in its moral and factual dimension, and the interactions with the judges, prosecutors etc.). Such interactions may be also seen by the light of the emotional mechanisms, which maintain or interrupt this specific type of repertoire. Preliminarily, we consider that the judicial arenas operate generating this dynamics between resiliency and melancholy, where these will act as emotional elements which are crucial to understand why activists invest or not in judicial strategies.