The New Frontiers of Collective Bargaining in Europe

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 10:30
Oral Presentation
Vito DI SANTO, Nasp - Network for the advancement of Social and Political Studies, Italy
The research discusses the current theme of shifting the legal regulation of work to "sources of proximity" and, in particular, to the corporate and territorial scope, with the possibility of derogating from legal discipline and collective bargaining, highlighting its ability to ensure a proper account of the company's reasons in today's globalized economy, both in terms of the general and the special interests of labor law. The study is focused on identifying the lines and dynamics of evolution of the theme, placing inevitably the emphasis also on the economic and labor organization, with the peculiar conclusion that the global character of economic competition calls for the need for progressive globalization of regulation rather than its fragmentation in the business sense. The guarantee of rights in a globalized world can only be achieved if there is the right mix between local development and new European protigonism.