Effect of a Family Support and Participative Activity Experience on Interpersonal Relationship Improvement Received By Rural Adolescent : Focusing on Comparison of Multicultural Vs. Non-Multicultural Household, and Bowly Vs. Sullivan Perspective

Monday, 16 July 2018: 11:15
Oral Presentation
Soon Mi YANG, Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea
This study aimed at identifying the effect of a family support and activity participation experience on the interpersonal relationshiops improvement perceived by rural multicultural and non-multicultural household adolescent comparing the perspective of Bowlby and Sullivan on it. For this purpose, data of 403 persons from multicultural household and 348 persons from non-multicultural household were analyzed.

As resuls of the analysis, firstly, the family support variable affected most signifficantly the interpersonal relationshiops improvement in both rural multicultural and non-multicultural household adolescent. Also, secondly, the number of the experienced activity at home affected significantly on it in the both adolescent. The significance of effect having age, the number of friend, or the number of the experienced traditional activity variable on it was differ according to each household adolescent.

And to conclude, a significant object affecting with important mechanism of interpersonal relationshiops in rural adolescent was family and parent. Therefore, it can be insist that results of this study support Bowlby' perspective on it.

Based on the results, this study suggested plans to improve the interpersonal relationshiops of the rural adolescent through a family support and activity participation. Also a plan for follow-up studies was suggested.