Children’s Rights Leaders Speak Truth to Power about the Uncrc

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 09:30
Oral Presentation
Yvonne VISSING, Salem State University, USA
Globally, the world of childhood has changed, which influences the transformation of traditional adult-child relationships. In this presentation, scholars who were invited to speak at the 25th anniversary convention of the UNCRC in the Netherlands will join back together to speak about the successes and challenges faced with the implementation of the treaty. These may include:

Ton Leiffard, Netherlands – youth rights and higher education

Laura Lundy, Northern Ireland – youth rights and the law

Kay Tisdall, Scotland – youth participation in the civic arena

Yvonne Vissing, USA – young people's physical and mental health

Jane Williams, Wales – youth in the legislative arena

Data from non-European/North America child rights initiatives will also be provided, including information gained from child rights in Africa (Cameroon and others), Asia (India and China), and South/Central America (i.ee - Bolivia, Mexico and Costa Rica).

It is proposed that the UNCRC has made significant contributions to the wellbeing of young people when policies and infrastructures supporting child rights exist. On the other hand, while rhetoric about the importance of children and their wellbeing seems universal, predictable obstacles confront implementation of child rights policies and programs. Whether in the fields of education, healthcare, social services, government, or law, tension between adult and child rights contribute to challenges implementing programs that would enhance young people’s wellbeing. Issues of structure, power, control, agenda-staking, social class and culture will be addressed from a multicultural and intergenerational perspective. An examination of theories including intersectionality, conflict, labeling, and functionalism will help frame the current discourse about child rights.