Coworking - Individualism in Community

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 17:45
Oral Presentation
Katarzyna RABIEJ-SIENICKA, Jagiellonian University, Poland
Modern society is struggling with transformation on the labor market caused by individualization expressed by among others: increasing number of freelancers, start-ups, accelerated the dynamics of change job, a new model of living and growing are uncertainties and risks related to eg. with flexibility, instability, informal agreements. The era of globalization is time for unfair social contract in which employees accepted flexible working in return for a promise to preserve jobs, it is also times for commodification, which has spread to all aspects of life.

In response to changes, we observe the emergence of alternative, often innovative forms of work. The aim of this paper is to analyze one of these forms - coworking understood as a response to changing conditions on labor market. Coworking is a new phenomenon; it attracts attention because it has been recognized as having the potential of the "third way", located between the conventional experience in corporate work and individual work, performed in the isolation of space (office). Great freedom, both in space and time of work, and at the same time securing the basic needs of a worker, a sense of connectedness and acceptance from fellows makes coworking an attractive and desirable form of organization of work.

The main topics discussed is paid work understood as both a space organizations, as well as the institution that is the source of the identity of individuals. Transformations of the labor market are considered in the context of the process of individualization and a growing sense of risk and insecurity. Will provide a vision individual suspended between the desire and the need for individualization of community. Based on results own research autor will be discussed topics such as: Community building is one of the top tools to attract new members; Collaboration is mainly based on small tasks.