What Is the “Global” Labor Market? --Whether Japanese Companies Make Global Labor Markets--

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Kaoru SONODA, The University of Tokyo, Japan
More and more workers move across the world in increasingly integrated global economy. Especially talented people occupy the interest of worldwide competition for highly-skilled human resources, so national boundaries no longer form closed labor markets. It is safe to say global labor markets are being constructed in all over the world. While globalization has made progress in recent years, most Japanese companies are still typical ones where nationality is strongly linked to the companies by uniqueness of its language and culture. Nevertheless, as more and more foreign people who studied Japanese are trying to work in Japanese companies, Japanese companies are becoming a multinational company in the sense of labor. Although it is hard to say that Japanese is the global language, increasing foreign workers especially from Asian countries come to Japan and are a member of Japanese company. Then, can we conclude that Japanese companies make global labor market? The purpose of this presentation is to argue what is the “global” labor market we suppose in considering the case of Japanese companies.