Constructing the Body through Dance: Overcoming Social Malice

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Sanjana TEWARI, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Delhi University, India, St Petersburg State University, India
In a human culture, dance functions as a fundamental purpose to accomplish societal unity and harmony or togetherness, as a result of which letting them feel a deep intellect of close association with each other. As a consequence to this, people are unchained from the connections of individualism, i.e. the “ME”. Cultures, the customary ethics and values of which are yet unharmed, are likely to value the interconnected or united effects of dance. The 19th World Congress of Sociology of ISA 2018 seeks what more from students and professional dancers as us, to contribute our bit towards synergizing minds and diverting those who have been distracted. By diversion, I not only intend to address those engaged in turbulent and terror strategies, but also towards those who are shining minds but have disengaged themselves from the main strata of our society.

Dance can also be construed as a structure of devotion and worship, a way of glorifying ancestors, means of propitiating the Deity, or a process to produce delight. All, in whatsoever manner, require and necessitate apt concentration, resulting into empowering our bodies only for this sole purpose. This in turn distracts the being from other tumultuous orders. As a proponent of “Kathak”, an ancient and worldwide popular dance form of India, I study the structural changes occurring over a passage of time, through this journey. I discuss the issues arising in consonance within the society, which is attended to simultaneously. Dance assists to conserve the people’s culture in the most effective manner, and in the process addresses the factor of “negativity”, thereby overcoming social maladies. A case study methodology has been applied in this analysis, hypothesis being that proper construction of the body via dance is satisfying, both to the mind, and the eternal world.