Canadian Sociology in the Era of Trumpism

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 14:45
Oral Presentation
Neil MCLAUGHLIN, McMaster University, Canada
All national sociologies are threatened by the global growth of xenophobic nationalism and anti-intellectual populism, but Canadian sociology will be particularly shaped by Trumpism. The fate of Canadian sociology will also be particularly dependent on the protection of the public system of higher education within which we operate, linked as closely as it is to the highly stratified, increasingly private American higher education field. We must creatively address both debates about political correctness and attacks on the dangers of "committing sociology," while maintaining our unique critical and public sociological traditions. Finally, a vibrant national Canadian sociology must address the divisions between French and English Canadian intellectual worlds while opening its intellectual, political and professional spaces to the challenge posed by reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. This is going to require a sociological ambivalence in relation to contemporary debates about disciplines and public sociology, something we are well positioned for, for a variety of historical reasons.