Canadian Fossil Capital and Post-Carbon Futures

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 13:15
Oral Presentation
Nicolas GRAHAM, University of Victoria, Canada
This paper begins with a brief review of research on the political economy and ecology of fossil capitalism, which has examined the potentials for and social and political obstacles to a rapid and just energy transition. This provides the context for an investigation into the relationship between the carbon extractive sector in Canada and renewable energy development. Specifically, I examine the strategies employed by carbon capital to shape and control alternative energy and consider if we are witnessing signs of “transition capture,” with some oil and gas producers investing in a gradual transition to climate capitalism. I investigate first, investments by fossil fuel companies in renewable energy; second, interlocking directorate relations between the fossil fuel sector and the renewables industry; and third, intercorporate shareholding and ownership relations surrounding Canadian renewable energy companies. The findings inform a discussion of competing post-carbon imaginaries, visions or projects.