Women in Male Occupations. the Spanish Case.

Friday, 20 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Empar AGUADO, Universitat de València, Spain
Marta IBAÑEZ, Professor, Spain
Esmeralda BALLESTEROS, UCM, Spain
Claudia NAROCKI, ISTAS, Spain
Elisa GARCÍA, CUV, Spain
Ana Belén FERNÁNDEZ, UM, Spain
Stibor KURIC KARDELIS, Universidad Complutense, Spain
Women who work in occupations where there is a significant majority of men face challenges that differ from those built in occupations with greater statistical balance by sex workers. Understanding why occupational segregation persists in the labor market is a central issue when to intervene on gender inequality in wage labor. In this research a qualitative approach has prevailed, recovering work experience as an extreme minority workers employed by semi-structured interviews. This rich body of data allows, on the one hand, consider what obstacles to conquer heavily masculinized parity in posts and, secondly, to study how these women persevere and maintain their motivation despite the challenges they experience and affecting both their permanence in employment and their chances of promotion.