The Latin American´s Concentration Land: Several Answers and Solutions for Strengthen Peasant Agriculture. 2017

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 10:50
Oral Presentation
Luis Guillermo LOPEZ, Terranfibia Independent, Colombia
In the countries of Latin America the problem of the unfair concentration of the land is part of social conflict, social inequality and politician instability. While this problem continues all aspiration of peace are impossible unless we have a real society of pace in Latin America. So, one point of party for analysis is about Latin American´s land concentration.

The other hand, the American´s land concentration has different interests of national and international companies and owners with historical roots in the social structure of Latin American. These owners have big land. They also have also power of politicians and they have alliance with companies and bad people they take territories of peasant, to increment their possessions. So, the grabbing of land in Latin America has been an unfair process, a process of accumulation of blood and fire, historic injustice that now is shown in the century as the base of global companies, news national constitutions and process of peace, but, the truth is the same problem in the twenty first century: the concentration of land.

In reason for conflict and the taking of land and concentration of earth has a few answers: The first answer is The Peasant Zone of Reserve. It is as basic Law 160 from 1994 in Colombia this is support to peasant agriculture; In Brazil the best the Movement of the Without Earth by the peasant agriculture; in Bolivia the Movement of without Earth, and others regionals movements; in Ecuador the movement against the mining-plan for the government, by the rights of the nature.

However, all the answers have essentially one condition: the earth for peasants and the earth for indigenous, two traditional people, however, each of them have several thinks and ideas and only the final solution of the economical democracy strengthens the politic democracy