Algerian Family Life "Online" and "Selfie Culture" from the Social Exposition Expectations to the Challenges of Digitalization. the Field Study of a Sample of Algerian Families Using the "Messenger Application" in the City of Batna –Algeria

Friday, 20 July 2018: 10:45
Oral Presentation
Kelthoum BIBIMOUNE, University of Batna1, Algeria
The present study is supposed to detect the changes occurring in the role of socialization of the Algerian contemporary family by focusing on the effects of adopting « selfie culture», as a daily practice, on its daily life. This happens when the family members expose their family life photos in Digital Networks in order to achieve social presence/exposition and satisfy their expectations towards global culture’s openness and communication. That is why the present study tries to highlight some reflections of the selfie culture implications on the nature of the family’s socialization role which is gradually taking a new character. Additionally, the study aims at highlighting the challenges of these digital socializations over the daily life of the Algerian family. The present work relies on the results of a field study held on a sample of Algerian families using the messenger application in city of Banta . Discussions of those challenges, within the sociology of everyday life, are supposed to give way to the suggestion of some new mechanisms that enable the contemporary family’s rationalization and management of its everyday practices within the digital space in a way to promote its openness to the other, keeping safe its stability and human sense of the effective interaction in the family daily life.