An Approximation to a Self-Organizing Computer Program Addressed for Social Complex-Projects.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 10:45
Oral Presentation
Jose Antonio AMOZURRUTIA, UNAM, Mexico
A good approximation to a “Self-organizing cybernetic program addressed for Social Complex-projects” (Complex-projects in the realm of the social sciences), grounds itself in being attentive and observant of the transition and stable states of a system. The general organizational model of a system derives from the general model of a cell: membrane, organelles and nucleus. This is equivalent to building a vast mechanism of assimilation by means of observables, with a permanent empirical and reflexive abstraction of the organelles that integrate the information into the operational closure of the system – the nucleus, and with a strong generalization of the principles, all of which derive into a -wide margin range coupling- with the surroundings of the system. The assimilation, abstraction, generalization and accommodation processes must be in permanent transformation in order to adapt with the environment and therefore organize the working plan of the system.

The cognitive processes that have been addressed come from Jean Piaget and conform a functional-structure. Jean Piaget was a systemic epistemologist that participated since the 1960’s in the general principles of Socio-cybernetics. The “Self-organizing cybernetic program addressed for Social Complex-projects” which we will call “Adaptive System for Social Analysis” (ASSA) known for me as “SIAAS” due to its Spanish description “Sistema Adaptativo para el Análisis Social”, has been used in several projects developed at the UNAM, México (Mexico’s National University). In this article we synthesize the principal criteria used for the assimilation of observables, and the abstraction / generalization expressed in graphic and text accommodations that have been applied in various social projects. We consider that Piaget’s epistemology can be of great help in or as part of the Socio-cybernetic’s general strategy.