Unearthing Structural & Symbolic Violences in the Lives of Filipino “Istambays” (On Standbys)

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 18:00
Oral Presentation
Clarence BATAN, University of Santo Tomas , Manila, Philippines
This paper interrogates the concept of structural and symbolic violences in the lives of selected self-reported Filipino istambays (on standbys) in relation to the widely perceived notion of “waithood” particularly experienced during youthhood, locally known in the Philippines as the “istambay” phenomenon. Using life course data from the Social Investigation on the Lives of Istambays in the Philippines (SILIP) project covering four marginalized research sites, this study examines how istambay experiences constitute, shape and influence what may be considered as experiences of violence impacting specifically their education and employment life trajectories. The paper argues that the limited education and employment experiences (and the lack thereof) of selected istambay respondents unravels both structural and symbolic violences that entrench the stereotypical perception of their idleness and inactivity. These violences appear to constitute and engender varying dynamics of social interruptions that these istambays encounter, negotiate, and to some, able to overcome. The paper concludes with some research insights on how further analysis of violences and social interruptions as working concepts may offer new avenues in studying istambay phenomenon in the country.